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How it works…

Emotional Healing: Interacting with horses in a Gestalt session can promote emotional healing and provide a safe space for survivors to process their feelings related to their cancer journey.

Self-Exploration: Equine Gestalt Coaching can help survivors explore their emotions, build self-awareness, and develop coping strategies, aiding them in post-cancer recovery.

Trust and Connection: Horses are sensitive animals that can help survivors build trust, establish healthy boundaries, and form meaningful connections, which can be crucial during the healing process.

Stress Reduction: Working with horses in a serene environment can reduce stress and anxiety, offering survivors a respite from the challenges they’ve faced.

Empowerment: Equine Gestalt Coaching empowers survivors by allowing them to take control of their interactions with the horses, fostering a sense of agency and empowerment.

Holistic Approach: Our Equine Gestalt Coaching approach considers the whole person—mind, body, and spirit, which aligns well with the holistic needs of cancer survivors.

For Individuals

Work with me one-to-one

• I offer a safe space.

• Judgement free.

• The horses and I will be present for you.

• Phone and zoom coaching available.


Work with me in a group setting

• Be supported by like minded individuals.

• Build new friendships.

• Explore in a safe environment.



Are you on your own cancer journey? Do you long for someone who truly listens to you and sees you for who you are? Join me and my equine partner at A Pivotal Shift, where we will embark on a transformative journey towards restoring your inner peace and overall sense of well being. Together, let’s reclaim your personal journey and discover the path to renewed tranquility.

Off-Site Corporate Workshops

I am a Licensed Equine Facilitator™ bringing full day, Off-Site Workshops with my equine partners to foster communication, teamwork, and fun for your team. Book an exploratory call now to discuss how I can customize a unique day of fun and learning for your team.

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From My Clients …

Kristen’s quiet presence is like a deep river of knowing. She gently touches the shores of the places her clients experience pain and allows them the space to shift and heal.

— Dawn M.

Kristen’s soft and grounded demeanor instantly helped me to feel at ease and safe. She created a very sacred container in our group that left me feeling very relaxed and calm by closing. She gave the group ample space to speak and I never felt rushed or hurried. She has a gentle coaching style that I really appreciate and one of her many talents that makes her an excellent facilitator.

—-Marina V.

Kristen has a unique capability to create an open space for all group members to be heard without any judgment or expectation. She is gentle and calm in her guidance and allows for a truly safe space to feel a sacred sense of confidentiality and trust.

—Daniela S.

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